St Peter's School York

St Peter's School YorkFounded in 627 AD, St Peter's is the fourth oldest school in the world. Situated in the heart of York, we are an HMC co-educational day and boarding school for girls and boys aged 3-18, with boarding available for ages 11-18.

School should be serious fun. A good school should offer a welcoming but challenging environment in which its pupils can develop as people and work out where they want to go in life. Adolescence can be an uncertain, choppy sea and, however intrepid our youngsters are, they need islands of certainty.  Schools, like parents, provide the harbour walls, the navigation charts, the lifeboats.  It is the youngsters who must do the sailing.

As a Head, I want to ensure that we are delivering a dynamic, all-round education that develops the abilities and enthusiasms of each and every individual.  Above all, we want our pupils to work hard and enjoy learning – both academic and co-curricular - for learning’s sake.  A good education should last a lifetime. Of course, this means getting good exam results but certificates are just one product of education, not the overall purpose.  There are many skills, values and aptitudes that schools develop in their pupils that don’t come with a piece of paper, but are vital for happy and purposeful living.

As a thriving school we are constantly investing in our learning spaces, innovating within our curriculum, offering more and more creative and sporting opportunities.   Ours is an enriching and inclusive community, founded on living Christian values. St Peter, our patron, urged: “Prepare your minds for action”.  That’s a pretty neat summary of what education is for. Peterites, as we call them, are rarely seen standing still: we want them to be busy; to think, listen and speak for themselves; to care for others and take a genuine interest in the world around them.  We want our pupils to live thoughtfully and actively, seizing life’s opportunities and always seeking to give of their best.


School Details

Town: York - North Yorkshire
Type/ Gender: Senior School 13 - 18 (Co-ed)
Age Range: 3 - 18 years
Age Range of Boarders: 10 - 18 years
Number of Students: 1,110
Number of Boarders: 172
Year Founded: 627
2 year GCSEs
2 year iGCSEs
A levels
Long term boarding education (one year or more)
Registration fee:
Full Boarding Fees per term: £9,615 (2016/17)
Setting: City
Campus Size: 47 acres
Leeds Bradford    (48 km - 46 Minutes)
Manchester    (140 km - 100 Minutes)

If you would like to apply for the St Peter's School York  in North Yorkshire please contact us with the form or phone direct on +44 (0)2079 936 793.

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Source: British Boarding Schools Connected, St Peter's School York