The Read School

Our pupils are open, friendly and proud of their school. Learning takes place in an atmosphere of cooperation in which each individual is respected and has the chance to succeed in all their endeavours.

We strive to challenge and inspire each individual pupil; stretching and developing their intelligence, creativity, physical prowess, cultural awareness and spiritual insight. The pupils that will gain the most from the experience we offer will be those who wholeheartedly put the most in. Our small class sizes ensure that no-one is overlooked, but importantly, do not diminish our high aspirations. We expect our pupils to be actively involved in all facets of school life and we want them to achieve the very best that they can.

We hope our pupils will leave us as integrated, well-balanced individuals, capable of dealing with all aspects of life. They will be confident in their abilities and will have developed the transferable skills needed in an increasingly complex adult world. Pupils leaving Read will have the foundations that will enable them to continue their learning in to the future, as they embark on exciting journeys to find purpose in life and start to make their own way in the world.

I urge you to come and visit us and experience the unique quality of what we have to offer. Once you meet our pupils you will be as impressed by them as I am proud of them.

Read School provides an education that is truly caring, inspiring and fun.


School Details

Town: Drax - North Yorkshire
Type/ Gender: Senior School - Co-ed
Sixth Form - Co-ed
Age Range: 2 - 18 years
Age Range of Boarders: 8 - 18 years 
Number of Students: 200
Number of Boarders: 26
Year Founded: 1667 
 Programmes: GCSE
A Level
Full Boarding Fees per term: £9,030 (2016/17)
Setting: Rural
 Airports: Leeds Bradford – 66 km
East Midlands- 125 km
Manchester – 138 km

If you would like to apply for the The Read School in North Yorkshire please contact us with the form or phone direct on +44 (0)2079 936 793.

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Source: British Boarding Schools Connected, The Read School